Сноуборд Capita Mid Life Zero 12-13

Сноуборд Capita Mid Life Zero 12-13

17,880 руб.

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Saggy skin? Rotten flesh? Missing fingers?

At some point in our active lives, we've all got some nagging pang that holds us back from burning as much fat and calories as possible. For me, it was overdoing it in a kickboxing class with an inflamed hip joint. For you it might have been a benign-looking yoga posture. Regardless, there's a lot we can do to prevent the pain before it starts, especially at our age.

The first idea would be to not get turned into a zombie in the first place! Duh! You can do this by a few simple steps, such as embracing magic, referencing splatter films, having cool hair, or employing Jedi mind tricks.

All of the above start with the ability to stay loose, listen to your body, and kick as much zombie ass as possible!

Less pain, more gain – the post apocalypse way!

The Mid Life series provides a true twin freestyle experience with an overall wider frame, slightly deeper sidecut, more pronounced shoulders, and distinctive tip and tail shapes. New for 11/12 is a change in the molds to create a zero camber approach. This smoothes turn initiation tempo at the contact points, yet retains the design stability by engaging the entire effective edge.

Designed and ridden by CAPiTA’s own, Mr. Tj Schneider.

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