Подвески Rogue 186mm 48º Raw/Raw
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RKP (Reverse Kingpin)
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Rogue Trucks
Тип товара
Подвески для лонгборда

Подвески Rogue 186mm 48º Raw/Raw

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The new Rogue trucks are finally here. Designed by top pro Zak Maytum and extensively tested on the world-cup circuit, the Rogue truck is strong, simple, and sensible.

- Oversize .75" Venom bushings for maximum lean and turn depth. Each set ships with 90a red in the trucks and one pack each of 93a green and 87a purple tall barrels to let you dial in your turn response.
- Green 93a High Performance Formula insert bushing in the hangar controls slop for a precise, predictable ride.
- The pressed-in steel "Traction Bar" through-axle is secured with a spring-loaded pin so it will never slip, unscrew, or come loose.
- Available with 50º, 43º, 30º, and 15º baseplates, all gold.
- Pressed-in kingpins
- 180mm black hangar.
- Green 93a Venom pivot cups.

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