Подвески Liquid 175mm Precision 40º
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RKP (Reverse Kingpin)
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Liquid Trucks
Тип товара
Подвески для лонгборда

Подвески Liquid 175mm Precision 40º

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Liquid Trucks give skaters the perfect balance of precision, strength, and versatility. We believe in skating everything and The Liquid Truck Company has the most hanger and baseplate options in the history of skateboarding. In the Liquid precision RKP (reverse kingpin) series alone there are 21 different hanger widths and 12 different baseplate angles. Hangers range from 100mm to 200mm (inclusive) in 5mm increments. Baseplates range from 5° to 60° (inclusive) in 5° increments.

Each truck comes stock with the best bushings on the market – Abec 11 Reflex Formula urethane in the 90a durometer. The standard configuration uses tall (.750”) bushings on both the top and bottom which provides a greater range of motion for hard carving and high speed cornering. We designed snug bushing seats and smart hangers that don’t collide with the top cup washer. We use strong stainless steel axle studs, ball pivots and set screws, and Grade-8 kingpins.

The triple hole pattern on the baseplates allow for up to 3 different wheelbase options with a single hole pattern on your deck. Liquid hangers are fully compatible with our precision CNC Fyre baseplates as well as our beautifully cast Attack baseplates. Liquid Trucks are proudly made in the USA in-house at our shop in Huntington Beach, CA. We use our Haas CNC mill and Haas CNC lathe, also made in America. This means that you can now afford the best for less.

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