Колеса Free Wheels Spirits 70mm Wheels
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70 mm
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Free Wheels
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Колеса Free Wheels Spirits 70mm Wheels

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The Free Spirits started off as a cruising wheel that we would use on assembled completes, but after some rider input, we decided to pour a run in the GOLD STANDARD Formula. We still use these wheels on completes, because these colors look great, but now this wheel has the opportunity to be broken in and used as a faster freeride wheel. Although it was not intended to be used as a Freeride wheel, it excels for faster drifts, whether glove down or hands up, and leaves those big thicc lines that you would expect from the creamy goodness of a Gold Standard wheel.

Height - 70mm
Width - 51mm
Durometer - 78a
Formula - Gold Standard
Bearing Seat - Offset
Contact Patch - Unbroken

Grip - 6/10 (new) 4/10 (broken in)
Kick Out Resistance - 5/10
Speed Killing - 5/10
Hook Up Feel - 5/10

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