Колёса Abec 11 Freerides 70mm Stoneground
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Жесткость колес
78A, 81A, 84A
Диаметр колеса
70 mm
Бренд товара
Abec 11 Wheels
Тип товара
Колеса для лонгборда

Колёса Abec 11 Freerides 70mm Stoneground

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Abec 11 70mm SG FreeRides – Classic Formula The Abec 11 FreeRide name returns in a brand new size with a Stone Ground finish. This new 70mm version is totally awesome and will be your go to wheel for slide jams and downhill freeriding. No chatter, no bounces, this is ALL about smooth and predictable slides. Our high performance Classic Formula is the most consistent urethane on the planet and it will last all the way to the tiniest core. It features our wide “FreeRide Core” which provides extra support to keep the wheel amazingly stable while sliding. Don’t wait to paint thane all over your neighborhood.

  • Wheel Diameter: 70mm
  • Contact Patch: 35mm
  • Bearing Seat: Offset
  • Wheel Width: 46.5mm
  • Lip Profile: Thick, Round
  • Urethane Formula: Abec 11 Classic Thane (Stone Ground)
  • Wheel/Core/Duro: Pink/Blue 78a, Amber/Clear 81a, Blue/Pink 84a
  • Disciplines: Freeride, Slide Jams, Downhill, Cruising

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