Лонгборд Earthwing Frequent Flyer 33"
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Лонгборд Earthwing Frequent Flyer 33"

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The Frequent Flyer is the newest addition to the line-up at Earthwing Skateboards. Where's the beef? It is the Earthwing Cinderella skateboard at 33 inches in length and 8.5 inches width. You ask: So what makes this board any different from the MiniGlider. The Frequent Flyer has significantly less concave make it much better for long distance journeys to the grocery store. In other words, it is less twitchy making it more stable. It is stiff giving it a stronger tail. If you like pools, parks, ditches, scaring your mom when you do kick/flip tricks, then get the Frequent Flyer!!! It's retro rad design will impress your friends!

Size: 33" x 8.5".
Materials: 7-ply maple.
Wheelbase: 19".
Concave: soft.
Flex: stiff.

3" nose, 5" tail and rocker.

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