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Лонборд Bustin Royce Pro Hollowcore

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Will Royce has spent all of 2014 fine-tuning his pro model, and for the 2015 season we have a new, improved, stripped down, no nonsense, remodel for all the boys and girls. With a narrowed shape, and the integration of the Honey-Comb Hollow-Core tech, the Royce PRO has lost some significant weight. In addition, the wheelbase mounting options have been reworked, and optimized to make the best use of both the nose and the tail.


We sat down with William Royce to discuss exactly what he wanted out of a skateboard, and - like most skaters - his response was, “everything.” So that’s what we endeavored to do. We started out with 2 kicktails (because you need kick tails to skate everything) and fit a couple golden wheelbase options between them to provide options for speed as well as style. We then torqued the wood in a couple key places to provide both added wheel clearance, as well as unobtrusive reference points for your feet. We finished the whole shebang off by incorporating our proprietary Honey-Comb Hollow-Core (HC2) tech to drop the weight and provide extra pop. The end result - everything a skater could ask for.


  • Honey-Comb Hollow-Core
  • 3D Wheel Flares
  • Through-Concave Kicktail
  • Elliptical W-Concave


  • 37.42” Length
  • 9.77” Width
  • .33” Lunar Drop
  • 20.25” - 25.25” Wheelbase
  • 0.6 - 0.7” Race’Cave

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