Лонгборд Bustin Hydro Pro ThermoCarbon Jonas Richter
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Лонгборд Bustin Hydro Pro ThermoCarbon Jonas Richter

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Jonas Richter's Pro model inspired by his speedy surf style. Light, stiff, indestructible, and fully loaded kicktail.

Since joining the team three years ago at the age of 16, Jonas Richter (aka the "Brazilian Bullet") has made quite a name for himself as an up-and-comer in the downhill and freeride circuits around the world. We've been working with him recently to perfect his downhill / freeride hill-crusher. Named for the ebb and flow of the waves that inspire Jonas's surfy style of riding, the Hydro is an ultra-thin, speed-stiff machine ready to crush hills small and large.


The ThermoCarbon construction is our revolutionary new process for creating stronger, lighter and more eco-friendly decks right here in the USA. We start with 3 plys of Great Lakes Maple and lay them up with a proprietary thermo-active formula along with several layers of carbon and fiberglass cloth. The sandwich is then placed in an ultra high-heat, high-pressure press where the panels undergo a transformation process that essentially melds all of the plies together into one new material that can only be dismantled using the same amount of heat. The result is a nearly indestructible board made using no harmful glues or resins.

Length: 36.5"

Width: 10"

Wheelbase: 21.125 - 29.25"

Flex: Speed Stiff


ThermoCarbon Construction

Progressive Dynamice Fluxcave

Ultra-light 3ply Carbon Layup

Radial Micro-Kick Tail

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