Ботинки HanWag Boots Alta Bunion Lady GTX
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Ботинки HanWag Boots Alta Bunion Lady GTX

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The Alta Bunion Lady GTX® is a classic lightweight leather hiking boot for people with hallux valgus. It provides extra space for the big-toe joint to ensure full comfort during easier trekking trips.
+ Innerside: particularly soft leather lining with no seams at the big toe joint to reduce the risk of rubbing and pressure points at the bunion
+ Cemented construction, easy to resole
+ Deep-pull lacing for a firm fit at the heel
+ Leather reinforcing heel tension element
+ Clamping lace hooks on top section of uppers for precise and rapid lacing
+ Extra soft leather at instep beneath the lacing for optimal flex without pressure points
+ Flex zone at heel
+ Flexible lacing rings attached via fabric loops
+ Padded cuff in soft leather
Made in Europe

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