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Перчатки Roeckl Gloves Karun

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High mountain tours such as a tours of the Biancograt or an ascent of the Matterhorn mean maximum requirements for the material. Particularly in winter. Hands require particular protection against cold, snow and ice. But mountain climbers need maximum grip precision in order to be able to safely handle rope, karabiners and rope sling. This is a discrepancy resolved by ROECKL SPORTS by means of the extremely technical model Karun. The idea: a hood glove construction with elaborate Thinsulate C40 insulation. Nothing new? You are right. But the numerous technical features make the Karun convincing in practical use. The hood may perfectly and quickly be fastened on the back of the hand. This is done by means of a magnet. The elaborately crafted three-dimensional thumb fourchette is also exceptional. Innovative: Even the thumb is equipped with its own hood. Another highlight is the pull-off aid Pull-Off-System on the palm on the inside of middle and ring finger which is patented by ROECKEL SPORTS. This system helps pulling off the half-finger glove. The back of the hand consists of the new, super-soft Gore Windstopper® Softshell Elastic and Gore Windstopper® Tornado. The palm of the hand is made of the abrasion-resistant, water-proof material Durasense. The silicone print on the palm of the hand of the Karun provides the perfect grip. The integrated knitted cuff fits tight in order to keep the heat inside the glove. In short: Maximum innovation in one single glove.

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