Средство Grangers Care product Paste Wax 100 ml
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Средство Grangers Care product Paste Wax 100 ml

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Improved water-repellency and maximum nourishment for your full-grain leather boots.

Perfect for full-grain leather boots.Produced using natural beeswax.Provides maximum levels of water-repellency.
Granger’s Paste Wax is the perfect way to add superior levels of water-repellency and conditioning to your favourite leather boots and shoes.

Specially designed to provide increased levels of water-repellency in poorer conditions, this easy-to-apply beeswax treatment is perfect for providing nourishment to full-grain leather. Whilst Granger’s Paste Wax provides excellent protection from water, oil, and stains, the breathability of your boots may become slightly inhibited during use – perfect for heavy rainfall, marshes, and other constantly damp environments.

Footwear - Leather

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