Стельки Grangers Insole G30 Winter Stability
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Стельки Grangers Insole G30 Winter Stability

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Specially designed for all outdoor footwear, Granger's G30 Stability insoles offer support, protection and comfort - whatever your adventure.

These insoles include a wide range of specialist features to help provide maximum comfort and support - from a flattened area beneath the big toe that takes up less space (and reduces pressure whilst you're exploring), to a contoured profile to help support the arch of your foot.

As a winter insole, the G30 Stability Winter insoles also feature a fleece top sheet (to help trap heat and keep you warm), and an aluminium layer for extra protection from the cold. Memory foam latex provides enhanced levels of shock protection too, whilst an EVA footbed gives unparalleled levels of comfort and support.

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