Ботинки HanWag Boots Sirius GTX
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Ботинки HanWag Boots Sirius GTX

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A stiff alpine boot for people who spend large amounts of time in the mountains. Sirius GTX® is the perfect mountain boot for everyday use high-alpine mountaineering in extreme terrain and ice climbing. Ideal for demanding glaciers, ice and firn.
+ Click Clamps (clamping lace rings) for two-zone lacing: enable different lacing tensions, e.g. tighter at the fore-/mid foot and looser around the ankle during mountain ascents
+ Cemented construction, easy to resole
+ Durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® lining
+ Thermal insulation down to -15°C (DIN EN 344-1)
+ Vibram sole with greater toe spring to allow the foot to roll effectively
+ Graded memory insole for superior form retention – always returns to its original shape
+ Easy Roller: smooth ball bearing lacing system
+ Full length shank between insole and outsole for additional stability

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