Аксессуар Для Палатки Grangers Care product Fabsil Gold 1 L
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Аксессуар Для Палатки Grangers Care product Fabsil Gold 1 L

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Ultimate waterproofing protection for all outdoors equipment.

5 times more concentrated than Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid.Provides high levels of water-repellency, and lasts longer between applications.Ideal for use on marquees, tents, and awnings.
Designed to be used on fabrics exposed to the elements for long periods of time Fabsil Gold is a highly-concentrated waterproofing treatment perfect for use on equipment such as awnings, marquees, and tents.

With 5 times more silicone packed into it, Fabsil Gold works great on items that see more than their fair share of wet weather or water - including boat covers and sails. Easily applied, Fabsil Gold will last longer than other waterproofing treatments, and offers unrivalled levels of water-repellency.

Container size: 1 litre.

Equipment - Canvas, Tents

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