Аксессуар Для Палатки Grangers Care product Fabsil Gold Aerosol 200 ml
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Аксессуар Для Палатки Grangers Care product Fabsil Gold Aerosol 200 ml

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Double-concentrated waterproofing - providing ultimate protection.

2.5 times more concentrated than standard Fabsil.Provides high levels of water-repellency, and lasts longer between applications.Perfect for hard-to-access areas.
Ideal for giving marquees, tents, and caravan awnings a layer of water-repellency, Fabsil Gold Aerosol has over twice the concentration of silicone than standard Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid - making it perfect for equipment that remains exposed to the environment for long periods of time.

With more silicone packed into it, Fabsil Gold Aerosol also works great on items that see more than their fair share of wet weather or water - including boat covers and sails. The easy-to-use aerosol can is ideal for treating smaller areas, or anywhere that's difficult to reach with a brush - but we do recommend applying Fabsil Gold Liquid with a paintbrush or roller for larger areas.

Size: 200ml aerosol can.


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